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We also offer competitive salaries, commensurate with your education, skills, and experience, for employees working in its many other roles — both in our schools and in our administrative offices. If you are teaching in one of the following license areas, you may qualify for related non-teaching experience salary credit:.

Teachers in the license areas listed above can receive salary step credit for related non-teaching experience if the experience meets all of the following criteria:. Qualifying non-teaching experience can include work performed in military service, provided that the experience meets the requirements above. Teachers of some career and technical education subjects known as "trade teachers" may be eligible for salary step credit based upon experience as practitioners of their trades.

If you are a teacher of a career or technical education subject and need additional guidance as to whether or not your prior work experience qualifies you for a salary step increase, please call the Office of Salary Services directly: Please contact the Office of Salary Services for information about other titles for example, guidance counselor, school social worker, school psychologist, or school secretary.

Benefits and Pay. Pay may also vary depending on the grade level you teach. High school teachers , who teach more complex subjects and are generally required to have majored or been certified in the subject they teach, are usually paid more than elementary school teachers, who are not required to have such specific certification. Private schools , on the other hand, are completely autonomous.

The Troops-To-Teachers Program for Military Personnel

They are able to set their own standards and requirements for teachers. Teaching comes with many of the additional benefits of most careers.

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Again, this can vary widely depending on where you work, but generally speaking, teachers are entitled to insurance for themselves and their families, including medical, dental and vision coverage. They are also entitled to sick days and paid leave.

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Teachers are also eligible for a wide variety of teaching grants. Taxes can significantly erode your investment returns over time. Be mindful of where and how you own investments. Spend time with your accountants or financial planner to determine how you can be most tax efficient when you take money out of your accounts in retirement.

If you can afford it, wait to take Social Security. Some recommend waiting until age 70 to stretch your social security benefits to the max. If you take Social Security benefits early, your monthly benefit and total benefits received until age 90 will be much lower than if you had waited.

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Age 70 is about the sweet spot when your total and monthly benefit until age 90 is highest. Now, everyone's situation is different and circumstances may compel you to take benefits early, and that's OK. If you're in good health and favorable circumstances, many advisers recommend waiting. If you have planned properly, your financial picture should be clear for your post-retirement years.

But what about your emotional needs?

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  • Have you thought about the psychological impact of ending your career? According to a survey by Ameriprise Financial, 37 percent of recently retired Baby Boomers miss the daily socialization with colleagues.

    Work Environment

    Nearly a third of the respondents 32 percent said they had a difficult time getting used to retirement. Ease into retirement. Some people can quit work cold turkey.

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    Others cannot. You might consider working in education part time. If you taught elementary school, you could work one or two days per week at a preschool or day care center. If you taught high school students, you could teach one class per semester at a local community college. Discover your new purpose.

    We are programmed to contribute to society. You became a teacher because you care about others. Sometimes, new retirees see themselves as no longer useful. Fuel your passion to help others by volunteering. Research and advocate for a cause that makes a difference in your community.

    If you find yourself struggling, contact a counselor who can help you process your feelings and help you get involved. Get yourself socially connected. Avoid sitting at home all day watching television.

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    • Join a service club, regularly meet friends for lunch or organize a community project. Connect and reconnect with family.

      Dakota Hills Middle School teacher retiring after nearly four decades

      Being an educator often took time away from them. Now is the perfect time to spend quality time. Being together at a cookout, a family hike or a ballgame will bring you closer. Take long walks every day possible. Join exercise classes at a local gym or have a trainer help you with an appropriate routine. Not only does exercise help you live longer, it greatly enhances your mental health. Keep learning. Your brain also needs constant exercise and challenge. Maybe you always wanted to paint or play the guitar. Check out free classes offered by your library or community center.

      Take a community college class on a topic that fascinates you. Go to the places that you studied in your classrooms. The anticipation and excitement of visiting a new city or foreign country help keep you young at heart. Enjoy the benefits of your age. But age provides great wisdom and perspective. Share those gifts as often as possible with your family, friends and community.