Walnut grove correctional facility inmate search

Hood said other arrests are possible, and he's seeking information from people who believe they might have been victims.


Hood said in some cases, payments were demanded from relatives of people awaiting trial, with promises that the money would help the accused person avoid prison. Hood said participants in the scam pretended to be a statewide elected official, a federal judge or state Rep. Gregory Holloway, D-Hazlehurst.

Hood said the statewide official and the federal judge are victims in the case and he is honoring their request not to be publicly identified. Hood said at least four people are known to have made payments in response to the scam, and there could be more.

Nicole Rathman was set to go home from prison. She died five days before seeing freedom

Mississippi Department of Corrections officials have conducted several shakedowns in state prisons in the past year and have found smuggled cellphones and other contraband items. Holloway said people running the jail need to be held accountable. They don't fly through windows.

They don't fall through ceilings. Holloway, recently elected to a fourth term in the House, said his wife is a distant relative of Neal. More CorrectionsOne Articles. More Corrections News. More Product news. More Corrections Videos. Last year, Judge Reeves extended federal oversight of the prison because of continuing constitutional violations.

A Justice Department report found that rape of younger inmates by older prisoners was relatively common, and that guards habitually denied some prisoners access to medical care, while smuggling in weapons and drugs and having sexual relationships with others. Some of the guards, the report said, were themselves members of the gangs, including at least one prison supervisor who let prisoners out of their cells to assault unsuspecting rivals.

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Organized gladiator-style fights between prisoners and encouraged by guards were also a frequent occurrence, with guards betting on the outcomes, according to the report. Owens, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, said that on one visit to Walnut Grove, the odor of marijuana hung so heavily in the air that he worried he would get a contact high. Even after juveniles were removed from the facility, violence continued.

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