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Probate Court broadened its commitment to seniors and their needs through our Senior Summit.

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Multiple agencies collaborated with our Court to share best practices for seniors through local and national speakers and by providing numerous services at our expo to the seniors of Summit County. The Senior Summit will take place annually with a conference for professionals and biennially with a conference and expo for the residence of Summit County.

It is with pleasure that we serve our community and make available the State of the In addition to the newsletter a video is available for you to watch. To view the complete interview — click Previous Next.

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Marraige License Information. Adoption Information. I Want To Adopt. My Loved One Has Passed.

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Public Records. I Want To Become a Guardian. Probate Documents Replaced Probate documents replaced free of charge for victims of area floods Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer is offering free replacement of legal documents that may have been lost during flooding in Summit County. End-Of-Life Planning Talking about end-of-life care is important, but difficult.

Due to the complexity of the law and the legal issues that may be involved in estate administration, the Court recommends that all fiduciaries seek legal counsel.

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Good legal advice and guidance can expedite probate and prevent costly errors. Learn when it is appropriate and how to file an estate on your own.

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  • Click for Video. Instructions for Filing Summary Release from Administration. Instructions for Filing Release from Administration. Instructions for Full Administration of an Estate. When the sole probate asset is Real Estate and is subject to comply with Local Rule NOTE: Probate Court does not promote or recommend a specific appraiser and has not verified the background, qualifications, experience, or business practices of any appraiser on the following list.

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    It is your responsibility to verify the individual appraiser chosen for your real estate appraisal. Should questions arise, call the Accounts Department at or Print This Page.

    Jan 9, When a person dies, some assets automatically transfer to named beneficiaries like life insurance or investment accounts; others can transfer outside of probate, such as joint and survivorship real estate or property recorded to transfer on death. Instructions for Full Administration of an Estate Steps for Full Estate Administration: Notice of death and application to administer the estate probate of Will if one exists.