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God will restore, strengthen and establish us. This is why people are leaving, too much hypocrisy and greed. In light of this article, I am wondering how far it is safe to go and make friendship with people before we tell them the gospel. How do we point out the sin of their life without coming up with an argument.

I was going around telling people the gospel and then when I encountered atheists I would try to point out their problems of moral relativism and sin, and they always got angry at me. Does the Bible say here not to make long lasting friendships with unbelievers? Romans It is what we are do, spread the word but also not to judge. God gave us free will to accept His will or not. We can plant seeds and sometimes others and time will water that seed to deep faith.

One of his statements really resonated with the shifting nature of […]. So much of our evangelistic efforts are geared towards getting people into a building to hear the Gospel. What if church was a sending agent, where disciples were sent out to BE the Gospel in community? How much of ministry would change if we stopped relying on Sunday morning to do our evangelism for us? One size will not fit all as we move into the next era.

This means that the Great Commission is not something that happens away from, or apart from the Church. This is very important. Baptizing and teaching are not incidental or secondary to making disciples. They are not actions separate from making disciples. Baptizing and teaching are how disciples are made.

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I read a book that asks what would be our Christianity without Sundays. We invest our financial resources the wrong way. Building and salaries for professional staff.

That BE the Gospel in the community, be the way I like that really, is almost totally absent. I am so sad at what is happening with this generation. Of course now I sound like my grand parents.

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Prayers Blessings Always and I love your writing. Thank you, here in Sweden where I live, people are very comfortable. Margareta…be encouraged. I was in Norway a few months ago and some church leaders in Scandanavia are really making an impact. Keep on moving forward! Carey, Great article. I just read the same statistic for the US. I find my self needing to speak much more simplistic, live much slower, and be more transparent than ever.

The generations alive today seem to have become more self sufficient. They need a truly authentic example of why Christ is needed in every season of life. Thank goodness for rational thought. It is nice to see more and more human beings thinking for themselves and embracing their intelligence and using rational thought.


Often times this rational thought is suffocated and polluted by faith and scripture that preach on doctrines that the rational thought undoubtfully eliminates. Rational thought brings those weak individuals needing guidance to a tangeable explanation on why, what and how. The rational minority becoming the majority is sick and tired of hypocritical god fearers that hide behind doctrines, but yet spread evil and ill will to all.

Having faith and calling one self a believer is part of the problem and not the solution. To be truly open minded and all accepting one must eleviate constraints borders, ideals, etc of organized religion and for once find rational answers to everyday problems. Religion kills and science and rational thought will always prevail. I once was lost in religion and now I am found. That may be the primary driver for spiritual inquiry.

Absolutely Lawrence. People begin to see the limits of what life without God can bring. Well put! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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I read a survey the other day that made me literally sit up straight as I took notice. People will turn to God when they hit a crisis. So how do you reach a growing number of people who are learning to live comfortably without God? Click To Tweet 1. You can't influence people you don't know. Click To Tweet 2. So what might you say? A few ideas: i. Click To Tweet 3. What to do when a church wants to grow … but not change 5 essentials for church growth 5 disruptive church trends to watch—and how to respond How to increase church attendance by increasing engagement.

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  7. Believe in yourself. Do it yourself. All of these messages encourage us to seek independence and to chart our own course in the world. Apply that mindset to salvation, however, and you dig your own spiritual grave. The idea that you can work your way up to God, trusting in your own power and your own efforts, may seem noble and even praiseworthy in our world today.


    But this idea signifies a fundamental lack of self-awareness. Take a look at the second aspect of this description. The people who trusted in themselves looked down on everyone else. The crowd that Jesus was addressing had misplaced their trust, which led to a warped sense of the people around them. This lack of self-awareness about your sin is what leads you to a posture of self-righteousness. Once you lower God down to a standard that is attainable, you no longer compare yourself to him ; you compare yourself to others.

    As long as you feel like you are doing better than the people around you, your sense of superiority grows. Listen to how C.