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Many experts recommend starting your research with the death records first. The death record is the most recent record, so it will more likely be available to you. Death records are kept in the state where your ancestor died, not where they were buried. However these records can provide a burial location. Death records are especially helpful because they may provide important information on a person's birth, spouse, and parents. Some researchers look first for death records because there are often death records for persons who have no birth or marriage records. Early death records, like cemetery records, generally give the name, date, and place of death.

Twentieth-century certificates usually include the age or date of birth and sometimes the place , race, length of residence in the county or state, cause of death, name of hospital and funeral home, burial information, and the informant's name often a relative. They often provide the name of a spouse or parents. Since , social security numbers are given on most death certificates.

Birth and other information in a death record may not be accurate because the informant may not have had complete information. Prior to death registers being recorded at the local county court house, a record of burial may be found in Church records. The Social Security Death Index SSDI is a database whose records reveal an individuals' full name and residence at time of application, birth and death dates and last known residence.

Social Security Records for Genealogists wiki page. A death record is considered a primary source.

Birth & Death Certificates

The information on a death certificate is usually given by someone close to the ancestor called an informant. Death certificates may be filed in the state where an individual died and also in the state where he is buried. Other than the date, time and place of death, all other information on a death certificate is taken from what is supplied by the informant. This makes a death certificate a secondary source of information for things like the birth place and date, and the names of the deceased's parents. For more information concerning death records by State see the United States Vital Records Wiki page listing links to each state's vital records page.

Funeral home records are discussed in the Cemeteries wiki page. The death records of men and women who died in the military, or who are buried in military cemeteries are described in the U.

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Military Records Research Page. The bulk of the records are from to the present. Valid photo identification of the requestor and proof of relationship must be uploaded with the form. Email: VitalRecords snhd.

How to obtain a death certificate?

Death Certificates. Decatur Blvd. Submit requests using iPad kiosks located in the lobby area Monday — Friday 8 a.

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Note Payment for online orders is requested once we have confirmed you are a qualified applicant and that the death certificate is registered with the State of Nevada. Applications received without valid photo identification will not be processed. It is your responsibility to ensure a copy of your identification is properly submitted. Death certificates are sent regular mail through the U. Postal Service.

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All agency requests done by mail or in person must be completed on company letterhead and include the name of decedent, date of death approximate date if exact date is unknown , specific purpose for which the certificate will be used, signature and date. Phone: