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Examples: ProPublica , Research or Minneapolis. Advanced Search People Search. Which Organizations Are Here? Types of Nonprofits There are 27 nonprofit designations based on the numbered subsections of section c of the tax code. Includes EINs and summary financials as structured data. Exempt Organization profiles. Includes organization names, addresses, etc.

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You can merge this with the raw filing data using EIN numbers. Form documents requested and processed by Public. Org and ProPublica.

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We post bulk downloads of these documents at the Internet Archive. Form documents as XML files. Includes complete filing data financial details, names of officers, tax schedules, etc.

Only available for electronically filed documents. Department of Labor under the Wage and Hour Division has specific requirements for payroll and personnel records that must be kept on all employees. Federal, state, and local agencies can also audit your employee records for a variety of reasons, so keeping records is important. Get an Employer ID Number. This number is a general number that almost all businesses must have, but it's tied directly to payroll tax reports and payments.

You can get an EIN quickly by applying online. Now you're finally ready to start gathering the forms and other registrations you'll need for your new employees:. Effective January 1, , all new hires must complete the new version of the W-4 form.

You must use the new W-4 form starting January 1, for:. This article details the new W-4 form and how to use it to calculate federal income tax withholding. All new hires must complete Form W-4 before receiving their first paycheck. This form includes information on marital status, number of dependents, and designated additional withholding amounts. It is used to calculate withholding for federal income taxes. You don't have to keep copies of all W-4 forms, just the most recent one.

Employees may change their W-4 form as often as they like. For example, an employee may receive a bonus and want to change withholding. It is your responsibility as the employer to keep track of the latest change and to make sure employee paychecks reflect the wishes of the employee for withholding. Be sure to check the employee Social Security Number or other verification number to make sure it's correct. As an employer, you must document the eligibility of new employees to work in the U.

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The new employee must provide documentation of a identity and b work eligibility. There are two steps to the I-9 process. To know that, we should discuss the basics of taxable goods in the state of Colorado by looking at some frequently asked questions from our clients.

In addition to knowing what kinds of goods or services are taxable, you also need to keep in mind some other factors that trigger a sales tax in the state of Colorado. Businesses are required to collect and remit sales taxes based on a variety of factors.

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While they must consider whether the good is taxable, they must also consider other criteria such as whether they established a taxing connection with the state. By going over these common questions that our clients have asked regarding Colorado sales tax, you will be able to better assess whether you have established such a connection with Colorado. However Colorado is not one of those origin based sales tax states. Protip: Charge Colorado sales tax based on the location of the buyer.

To make managing your tax responsibilities easier, you can use an eCommerce or point of sale software to appropriately charge sales tax by customer location. If you do not collect sales tax when you were supposed to, you risk under or over collecting sales tax- both scenarios can result in fines and fees imposed on your business by the state.

Colorado Tax Withholding ID Number

Destination nexus may seem like a simple concept until you realize that Colorado has many hundreds of sales tax jurisdictions and sellers are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax for any jurisdiction in which they have made a sale. This means sellers are responsible for applying for sales tax permits in any of the 96 home rule areas in which they make a sale usually with paper , collecting the correct amount of sales tax from their customers, and remitting directly to the home rule area usually with a check in the mail.

Now that we know that Colorado is a destination sales tax state, we need to also consider other criteria that could trigger a sales tax requirement at the point of sale.

Local Taxes:

We will use four commonly asked questions by our clients that can help explain these thresholds more efficiently:. Fear not! After we discuss these four questions in more detail, you will feel more confident in recognizing if your business meets any of the criteria triggering a tax connection with Colorado. You will also learn about the tools and resources available to manage your sales tax.

Before answering this question, I want to stress one thing: if your business establishes nexus within Colorado, you are subject to sales tax even if your business is based out of state.

Employer Identification Number

Sales Tax Nexus is also known as "sufficient business presence. What does that mean? It means you are required to collect and remit sales tax in Colorado. What if your main headquarters are in another state and you have no physical presence in Colorado? It is still possible to create sales tax nexus in Colorado even if you never step foot in Colorado. Businesses located in Colorado are not the only ones capable of creating a sales tax nexus with Colorado.

Out of state businesses are capable of the same. If you sell your products on Amazon or are recognized as an Amazon FBA Fulfillment by Amazon , you want to know where Amazon has its fulfillment centers in any state including Colorado because this may trigger a sales tax requirement. If Amazon is storing your products in a warehouse in Colorado, you have created a taxing connection, or nexus, with the state of Colorado.

Considering Amazon has many fulfillment centers throughout the United States, you may feel overwhelmed with determining your tax obligations in Colorado as well as in other states. We can help you with this process of identifying where your products are stored and what are the resulting tax implications. This helps us determine what our clients need to do to be in compliance with all applicable state tax laws. Yes, but only starting December 1st, As of December 1st, , a retailer with no physical presence in Colorado must collect and remit Colorado state and local sales tax if it has:.

Some states have implemented this program in attempts to simplify sales tax law and make it easier for businesses to navigate regulations across multiple states lines At least not yet! Keep this guide handy to help you determine when to charge a buyer sales tax, so you and your business can be better-equipped to prevent negative tax implications such as paying fines, paying back taxes that you did know you had to pay in the first place, or facing an audit by the tax authorities in Colorado.

Once you recognize your business has established a sales tax nexus with the state, you may have some questions about how to go about collecting sales taxes. What happens if you sell your products within a store you own? You collect the sales tax for your location directly via your POS system. What happens if you sell your products online? Sales Tax Rates change all of the time- and vary by what is being sold! It's best to check out the Colorado Department of Revenue site here. Now that you know what is exempt, you will also want to learn who is exempt from sales taxes.

This depends on the buyer: 1 what kind of buyer they are, and 2 how they intend on using the goods. A common example is the wholesale buyer who buys goods with the intention of reselling them. However, you as the retailer must collect a Colorado Transaction Privilege Tax exemption certificate at the time you sell the buyer your products. Be sure to keep this on file so you can justify any tax-exempt sales in the case of an audit.

If you lose the certificate or fail to obtain a copy, you risk having to pay the outstanding taxes yourself. This is a really great question.