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Good Neighbor Next Door Home Buyer Program 50% Discount For LEO, Teachers, EMT's & Firefighters

Some of our housing partners are hosting free homebuyer education events this Saturday, November 9! Find start times, location and registration information on the attached flyer!

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Housing and mortgage counseling can help you turn the American dream of owning a home into a reality! Approved housing counselors regularly provide homebuyer education events to help you understand the complexities of buying a home and prepare you for the responsibilities of homeownership. These events are FREE, and you may find start times, location and registration information on the attached flyer. See More See Less.

Teacher Home Loans

Comment on Facebook. You may qualify for an OHFA homebuyer program if you meet the criteria listed below: You meet income and purchase price limits.

You meet debt to income ratios for your loan type. You meet the credit score requirements.

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  • Credit scores of are acceptable for an additional fee. You work in one of the following careers: Veterans, active duty military members or members of reserve components including surviving spouses Police officers, firefighters, volunteer firefighters, EMTs and paramedics Physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses RN and LPN and STNAs Teachers pre-K through grade 12 , administrators and counselors You can choose to include down payment assistance in your Ohio Heroes loan.

    Teachers getting help to buy homes in California’s hot housing market | EdSource

    Homebuyer Education Qualified buyers are required to complete free homebuyer education. How Do I Apply? Connect with Us.