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After working in general litigation, Judge Bluth advanced to the Special Victims Unit where her caseload focused primarily on the prosecution of cases involving physical and sexual abuse of children. The purpose of this review board is prevention, education, and case analysis to determine needed policy protocol and statute changes in our community.

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CDR findings have influenced both policy changes and the direction for public awareness campaigns. Judge Bluth served on the Child Death Fatality Review Board as well as on a committee with local county commissioners that wrote policy to protect children involved in foster care. As a prosecutor, Judge Bluth helped author several pieces of legislation, many of which were passed by the Nevada State Legislature.

Ultimately, this legislation allowed changes in the law in the fields of sexual abuse of both women and children, as well as sex trafficking. Additionally, Judge Bluth provided training to officers throughout Las Vegas in identifying and combatting child abuse with the goal of lowering the rate of child homicide in our community. Judge Bluth has taught many continuing legal education courses discussing changes in the law, handling witnesses, and the prosecution of child abuse cases.

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Judge Bluth has also been a guest speaker at multiple local schools and the William S. Boyd School of Law.

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Judge Bluth handles a split docket covering both civil and criminal matters. Proper courtroom attire is required.

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No shorts or tank tops are allowed in the courtroom, shoes are required. T-shirts, which show offensive slogans or pictures, are not allowed.

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Hats should be removed before entering the courtroom. While in the courtroom, sit quietly when court is in session. Do not talk or whisper. The court proceedings are being recorded by a court recorder and noise can interfere with the preparation of this important record. All beepers, cellular telephones, and electronic devices must be turned off before entering the courtroom.

Avoid reading newspapers, or books in the courtrooms, particularly if your use of such material may be a distraction to others. Attorneys are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards at all times, and to strictly adhere to the opportunities, requirements, limitations, and deadlines set by the judge.

All counsel are to be punctual for all conferences, hearings and trials. They are to be civil to one another as well as to all parties, witnesses, and court personnel - whether in front of a jury or the court. Department VI.

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