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Ignazio Leone appears as comic relief Egyptian Sofo who invents the boomerang. The two heroes find themselves shipwrecked and captured by the Bird Queen Dominique Boschero in a feathered outfit, which resembles an ostrich. Ulysses hides in the caverns of King La go Gianni Santuccio , the head of a troglodyte army, and Heracles agrees to join King Icano, Lago's enemy, if he can marry the king's daughter Helen Alessandra Panaro , an agreement that doesn't please her lover Adrastes Raf Baldassarre.

The film is self-parodic in its approach to the genre and its most memorable feature is the queen and her bird army a flock of extras in feathery loincloths and beaks who live in a tropical paradise. They prepare to sacrifice the heroes to their god, the Mighty Vulture. During the ritual the feathery fiends perform a frenzied sacrificial dance, which resembles synchronised aerobics. The film ends with an impressive dust-swathed desert battle scene between King Icano's forces and Lago's trog minions. The finest parody peplum was Duccio Tessari's directorial debut Sons of Thunder , which starred former stuntman Giuliano Gemma as Crios, the youngest and smartest of the Titans.

King Cadmus of Crete Pedro Armendariz kills his wife and declares himself a god. With Queen Hermione Antonella Lualdi he makes himself immortal and will remain so until the day Cadmus' daughter Antiope Jacqueline Sassard falls in love. The gods release Crios from Hades with instructions to kidnap Cadmus and drag him to the Avernus, the entrance to Hades.

Sons of Thunder was bankrolled by Franco Cristaldi for his Vides production company. It was shot in Italy and Spain on sets decked with palm trees from King of Kings. Carlo Rustichelli provided the score, which is as playful with peplum convention as Tessari is with the form. Gemma his hair dyed blond is brimming with confidence as the acrobatic lead, a trickster immortal posing as a country boy. Gemma's poetic love scenes with Sassard are the finest romantic interludes in pepla - 'All you need is love: he tells her in the fadeout, having sent Cadmus back to Hell with a thunderbolt.

Tessari's bravura set pieces include Cadmus' soldiers chasing Crios through the marketplace acrobatic Gemma trampolines on stall awnings , a corrida in a bullring and a manhunt with Rator the prey.

There were 12 Titans in Greek myth and the youngest was called Kronos - here they are 10, who apart from Crios are bearded strongmen. The fantasy elements feature special effects by. In Hades, Sisyphus rolls a stone uphill, Prometheus has his liver pecked out by a vulture and starving Tantalus is tantalised by fruit he'll never reach.

Crios bribes a giant Hades' guard with a ring in order to enter the Underworld and steal Hades' helm, which endows invisibility.

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He rescues Antiope from her island prison by outwitting a snake-haired Gorgon sorceress, and to attack Cadmus he buys a quiver of lightning bolts from a Cyclops. In the white caverns below the city, the Titans face Cadmus' indestructible soldiers, but Crios breaks the spell by breaching a dam with a thunderbolt. Sons of Thunder is a masterpiece of Italian cult cinema, its vitality and imagination making it one of the top pepla. The Hero!

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Smarter than a Fox! Braver than a Lion! Cuter than a Pussy Cat! Jupiter Furio Meniconi decides to punish them, but Mars and Venus flee to earth where they enlist the help of Thracian general Milos to build a tower up to Olympus to obtain power. Vulcan foils their plan, falling for earthly Etna Bella Cortez in the process.

Directed by Emimmo Salvi, Vulcan has some of the wildest footage in the genre. Vulcan is discovered by a group of sea nymphs on Tor Caldara beach. They are imprisoned by Lizard Men, with scaly backs and tails and vampire teeth, and saved by Neptune's Tritons, undersea fish-men.

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Gordon Mitchell had a supporting role as Pluto, the God of Darkness, and Salvatore Furnari appeared as Vulcan's midget sidekick, Jaho, who infiltrates the Thracian camp disguised as a bush. Vulcan, the Blacksmith of the Gods, tends his workshop shot in Grotte Di Salone where he forges on a giant anvil.

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  7. Unfortunately, Browne and bombshell Gorassini's bland love scenes backed by Marcello Giombini's smoochy sax lack chemistry: Vulcan's anvil generates more sparks. When Mars falls for mortal Daphne Jocelyn Lane , his request to renounce his immortality is granted by Jupiter - 'Let it be done In probably the worst dubbing job of all time, Lewis delivers his dialogue with a condescending halfsmile. For the English language version, Maciste's name is changed to Maxus. Set in prehistoric times, Fire Monsters tells of the peaceful valley-dwelling Tribe of Dorak who worship the sun and their war with the cave-dwelling Droods who worship the moon , led by the evil Fuan Andrea Aureli.

    The Droods kidnap Dorak's women, so Maxus, a freelance do-gooder with a ginger quiff, rescues them.

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    Maxus falls for Moa Margaret Lee but when they are buried up to their necks by Fuan to be eaten by worms, a handy volcanic eruption splits the earth, freeing them. The Droods team up with the cannibalistic Ulma led by Nello Pazzafini, wielding a rubber club who wear headbands with two cow's horns attached. After they've been out clubbing, the Dorak enjoy watching dancing girls twisting in hairy outfits which resemble a carwash, and romance isn't depicted very well in the film. Maxus and Moa enjoy romantic walks beside a swamp accompanied by Mantovani strings and during a wedding ceremony the groom is told that if his wife doesn't obey him, 'Then you have the right to put her to death'.

    The Fire Monsters of the title - a dragon in a lake, an underwater hydra and a monitor lizard that surprises Maxus and Moa in a cave - are puppet beasts, which Maxus easily dispatches. Colossus and the Headhunters deployed the volcanic eruption from Fire Monsters as its opening apocalypse, when Maciste Kirk Morris helps a tribe flee their island home.

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    Escaping on a raft, the refugees drift to the land of Urya - a lush, forested country looking very much like Yugoslavia which has been taken over by Kermes Frank Leroy in league with a cruel tribe of headhunters led by Goona Nello Pazzafini. Headhunters is a by-the-numbers peplum, again directed by Malatesta, and Queen Amoa wears the shortest peplum censors would allow.

    According to mythology, Perseus defeated Medusa the Gorgon, a winged woman-beast with writhing serpents for hair, whose gaze turned her victims to stone. De Martino and his scriptwriters largely rewrite the story, with Perseus Richard Harrison caught between warring kingdoms, the cities of Seriphos and Argos. Acrisius, the evil king of Argos Arturo Dominici , and his son, whip-lashing Prince Galinor Leo Anchoriz , stop the merchants of Seriphus from using a trade route to the sea, which is guarded by a dragon and Medusa.

    Perseus, not knowing that he is the rightful ruler of Argos, sides with.

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    A sea battle and Babylon burning are stock footage from Carthage in Flames The all-female Amazon tribe of Greek myth were understandably popular with peplum audiences. Thor travels to the city of Babylos in the all-female country of Nalia, to free dethroned queen Tamar Susy Andersen. Janine Hendy was the queen of Babylos, which forces its women captives to fight for their freedom in the Triangle of Death arena: the film was originally called Le Gladiatrici [The Gladiatrixes].

    Black muscleman Harry Baird appeared as Thor's sidekick Ubaratutu. Clips from Ursus in the Valley of the Lions and Mole Men against the Son of Hercules crop up in stock footage, and Tamar's flashback to the death of her father is the attack on the Viking village from Erik the Conqueror Thor engages the entire female population of Nalia in an immense tug of war contest for his life, so that 'The authority of men will be restored'. The witch has given Milo a magic dagger, the golden Dagger of Gaea, which when unsheathed conjures up seven indestructible muscleman mercenaries made of gold.

    The Seven Sons of Gaea - bald, beefy and sprayed gold - resemble towering Oscars.


    The witch lives in a mossy, misty cave and watches the action in a magic pool. For the finale, Pasiphae transforms herself into Ate - the only indication that she is an impostor is her orange eyes. For this scene Tolo wore tinted contact lenses.

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    This shot-in-spain production welded Greek mythology to the Old Testament. It was this film that was chosen for spoof dubbing in the Australian sendup Hercules Returns For the gala opening they show the last film that was screened at the cinema, billed as Hercules but actually Capitani's movie. Too late they discover that their Italian language print is not subtitled, so the trio dub the film themselves. Hercules Returns was based on the live show 'Double Take meets Hercules', which was performed by Des Mangan and Sally Patience, who provide most of the principle voices here.

    In their story Hercules 'The dumbest man in the world' saves heroine Labia Elisa Montes from drowning, on his way to the city of Climidia. Muriel, Labia's mother, owns the Pink Parthenon nightclub and won't allow her to marry Testiculi Luciano Marin , the son of a rival beer garden proprietor Livio Lorenzon. Samson, with a weedy voice and pigtails, is now henpecked by Delilah, Ursus is a tavern brawler with a Glaswegian accent, and Maciste now Machismo has an effeminate voice and a horse named Cyril. The Oracle Helene Chanel , with her smoking skillet, is cleverly redubbed as a crepe chef.

    It was the unlikely figure of Pier Paolo Pasolini who had the last word on Greek myths in os Italian cinema. Adult Oedipus Franco Citti travels to the Oracle at Delphi and learns that he is fated to murder his father and make love to his mother. En route to Thebes, where three roads meet, Oedipus murders a rich traveller. But Thebes is scourged with a plague which won't lift until Laius' murderer is found. Oedipus is implicated in the killing and suspects that Jocasta's brother Creon Carmelo Bene is trying to take power.

    Tiresias the blind prophet Julian Beck identifies Oedipus as the culprit - King Laius and Queen Jocasta had tried to dispose of their newborn baby when they heard the evil prophecy, but fate brought cursed Oedipus back to Thebes. Jocasta hangs herself and Oedipus pokes out his own eyes with a pin from her dress, wandering into exile as a blind beggar.