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We spoke to her before they officially launched in Cape Town last week, and she told us why Girl Crew is the perfect tool for building relationships in the 21st century. Not only can it ease women into new friendships, but Mulloy explained how it can also be used to solve some of your more personal problems. This is more of a support network, too.

You can raise anything, ranging from concerns about finding plumbers, to needing information about parking in town. Women are great for backing each other, and when we come together we all grow as a team. Girl Crew allows for more connectivity and links you with your community. Co-founder Elva Carri really wanted to go out dancing one Friday night but had no one to go with. All her friends were either busy or tired. Believing there had to be other women in the same position , she put a call out for some platonic dancing buddies on Tinder.

After adding them all to a Facebook group, Carri realised the need for a safe, online space where women could get to know each other. As a support network, Girl Crew has flourished. Mulloy recounts one incredible story where a hopeful user shared a photo of her long-lost father, hoping to find out anything she could about him. The community, however, went that extra mile for her:. I like traveling and I also collect semi precious stones and Scout badges.

Welcome to my profile! What do I do for a living? I also coach swimmin I describe myself as a kind,loving and adventurous person. Hey My name here is Phoenix not my real name but its based off a nickname. I'm pretty shy in person but online not so much. I love socializing online and meeting new people. I'm an artist specializing in portraits and am obsessed with different ae Hi, Im friendly, kind, creative person. I love talking and getting to know different people and I enjoy some online gaming. I have a big love for animals of all kind.

I am engaged and no kids. Only 3 furry babies. Not working at the moment but will s Nonetheless, here it goes: Hi my name is Meyer, I've been on this earth for a quarter of a century as of this year, and I live in the heart of South Africa! Irish in the UK. Israelis in the UK. Italians in the UK. Japanese in the UK. Jordanians in the UK. Kazakhs in the UK.

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